Camera Filter Tabs – Diffusion Set

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  • This conclusive set includes 20 tabs
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Camera Filter Tabs – Diffusion Set

Diffusion filter identification tabs for Black Pro-Mist, Classic Soft, Pro-Mist, Classic Black Soft. Engraved to high precision from durable 1.6mm Gravoply™ plastic. A must for all camera assistants to clearly identify which filters are being used.

This conclusive set of 20 tabs includes:

1/8 BPM, 1/4 BPM, 1/2 BPM, 1 BPM, 2 BPM
1/8 CS, 1/4 CS, 1/2 CS, 1 CS, 2 CS
1/8 PM, 1/4 PM, 1/2 PM, 1 PM, 2 PM
1/8 CBS, 1/4 CBS, 1/2 CBS, 1 CBS, 2 CBS

Each tab measures 35mm x 15mm.

Available colours:

White with Black Text / Black with White Text / Red with White Text / Yellow with Black Text / Blue with White Text / Green with White Text / Orange with White Text

Engrave Colours

If you would like to substitute any tabs in this set please contact us. Custom engraving is available.

All colours and images are for reference only, the product may differ slightly.


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