Scapa All Weather Polyethylene Tape 25m

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Scapa 1433 All Weather Polyethylene Tape is a 125 UV stabilised polyethylene film coated with a long ageing acrylic adhesive system, with 150 total thickness and recommended for agricultural repairing, splicing and sealing applications.

Especially designed for splicing and repairing tunnel greenhouses polyethylene (PE) films and sheets.
Reinforcement of horticultural PE or PVC structures.
Repairing greenhouses thermal screens.
Suitable for repairing cracks in rigid plastics and glass.
Suitable for a variety of long ageing indoor and outdoor repairing, sealing and splicing applications.
Features & Benefits:
Colored – translucent green – for easy splice identification.
Excellent UV resistance.
High tensile strength.
Good adhesion to flexible and rigid plastic films and sheets, glass, metal and timber.
Good oil, salt water and plasticisers resistance.
High moisture resistance.
Long ageing adhesive.
Service temperature: -20°C to +80°C.
Recommended minimum application temperature: +10°C


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