SlipWay Cable Cover Tape 145MM X 30M

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  • Self-adhesive cable cover / tunnel tape
  • Adhesive-free, laminated centre
  • Highly visual black/yellow design
  • Printed ‘CAUTION’ in three languages
  • Plain matt black finish also available for discrete applications
  • Easy to tear by hand
  • Durable
  • Puncture resistant
  • Residue resistant adhesive*
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Puncture Resistant, Adhesive-Free Centre Tunnel
An edge-only adhesive system allows SlipWay™ Cable Cover to secure itself to a variety of surfaces while your cables lay beneath the adhesive-free, laminated centre. This helps them stay residue free, potentially saving you time and money cleaning your cables.

Residue Resistant Adhesive*
A perfect balance of adhesive strength and peel clean removability. This tape removes leaving minimal, if any, residue on a huge variety of surfaces. Please note some surfaces and environments, especially those with high levels of plasticiser may cause the adhesive to transfer.

Easy to Tear by Hand
The premium grade cloth provides exceptional durability and abrasion resistance yet remains easy to tear by hand, ideal for on the spot applications.
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